Provincial House Bruges – Boeverbos


Type / Project

Renovation of the parabola roof with the installation of an Urbanscape® green roof


Urbanscape® Drainage with Buffer – Urbanscape® Green Roll 20 mm – Sedum mat reinforced 15 m long

Quantity (m²)

730 m2


Parabola roof

Completion date



Seeking a solution that would prevent sliding. The installation of this green roof represented a technical challenge in several respects. On the one hand, we had to work at a height of 15 m with scaffolding that could not be attached to the facade, because the Boeverbos is a listed building. On the other hand, the shape of the roof, parabolic and decorated with three glass parts, represented a considerable  technical challenge. Cutting and installing the 15m Urbanscape rolls on a sloping and irregular roof proved to be particularly complicated.


Placing metal profiles in the longitudinal direction on the roof, with Sedum mats in one length – 15 m.


Cooling and acoustic improvement of the office spaces under the roof. With global warming, the vegetation of urban areas has become a major objective in combating heat islands and the degradation of air quality in cities.

Contact person

Michel Van Den Haute

Technical Commercial Delegate, Knauf Belguim

[email protected]