Leier FIT-WELL Club


Type / Project

Urbanscape® Green Roof System, SafetyPro™ greenSec System

Green Roof System used

Urbanscape® semi-intensive

Quantity (m²)



Urbanscape® Green Roof system in combination with ballasted SafetyPro™ greenSec system


Completion date



Designing a green roof in combination with ballasted safety system was challenging due to the low weight of Urbanscape® Green Roof systems and the need for a ballasted safety system to provide sufficient weight distribution per m2.

During the flood test we discovered many insulation faults that required repair and necessitated the cessation of construction work.


Above the layer of Urbanscape® Green Roll an additional layer of green roof substrate was added to provide sufficient ballast per m2 for safety system.

We did not undertake the installation until the defects were corrected. The 72-hour flood test was recorded.


Installed semi-intensive green roof on the top of the FIT-WELL Club which provides a pleasant view from the top of the roof for all visitors who decide to work out on top of the building. Additionally, the roof brings more greenery to the district and helps to reduce the urban heat island effect. The safety system also provides sufficient safety measures for workers maintenance on the roof.

SafetyPro greenSec (ballasted) system in combination with a semi-intensive roof which also acts as a ballast for the safety system