Knauf Casino, Iphofen



Urbanscape® Green Roof for the Employee Casino

Green Roof System used

Extensive Urbanscape® Green Roof System for flat roofs

Quantity (m²)

2,500 m²


Green roof


Hetterich Architekten BDA

Completion date



In 2020, Knauf Insulation opened a new canteen for employees and visitors with seating for around 200 people. The modern building complex includes a modern canteen kitchen, twelve meeting rooms and a lounge area. The roof of the casino, which was built using a reinforced concrete skeleton construction method, was to create a further piece of nature on the Knauf factory premises and ultimately to improve the thermal properties of the roof structure.


An extensive Urbanscape® Green Roof system for flat roofs was installed over the entire surface of the roof within a couple of days. The few, very light layers of the system were easily installed over the 2,500 m2 roof area using common tools such as cutter knives. Thanks to the Urbanscape® vegetation mats that provide the greenery, a coverage rate of 95 per cent was achieved immediately after the installation, so that the positive properties of the green roof became quickly apparent.


Greening the roof of the staff casino with the Knauf Insulation Urbanscape® Green Roof system has many advantages. It not only enhances the appearance of the building, but it also offers physicaland ecological benefits. The plants act as a natural protective shield for the roof waterproofing layer. They compensate for extreme temperatures and shield against environmental influences, such as hail or rain. Both winter and summer thermal protection provided by the underlying roof insulation materials are enhanced. The reduced stress on the waterproofing layer means that roof renovations are needed less frequently. At the same time, green roofs have positive effects on the environment, such as increasing biodiversity and creating wildlife habitats.