Housing estate in Augsburg


Type / Project


Green Roof System used

Urbanscape RIB-ROOF Green Roof System


Zambelli RIB-ROOF Speed 500 with Urbanscape® Green Roof System

Quantity (m²)

440 m²


Roof / Roof renovation with greening


Main Contractor

Zambelli GmbH


Hummel Bedachungstechnik GmbH


Completion date

May 2020


The former textile district in Augsburg’s east was still dominated by industry until about 20 years ago. Where numerous workers from the factories lived back then, new residential space has now sprung up. Today, the neighborhood on the other side of the Lech River is considered a chic, up-and-coming urban district. In a housing estate not far from the “Glaspalast” museum, the roofs of some terraced houses were now to be renovated. A solution was sought that would be fast, durable and sustainable at the same time.


For the roofing, the choice fell on the Zambelli RIB-ROOF Speed 500 system with a ventilated roof structure and an Urbanscape® green roof.  First of all, the old, existing green roof was removed and the and the wooden substructure was partially disposed of and replaced. On top of the new formwork, a protective membrane was applied as well as a new ventilation and supporting structure for the Zambelli RIB-ROOF 500 system. After completion of the metal roof with 8-meter-long aluminum profiles, the Urbanscape green roof system was directly delivered and installed – including the pre-cultivated vegetation layer of sedum plants. After a few hours and an intensive watering, the roof with 440 m² of green area was ready


The practicable solution allows efficient installation and convinces with its light weight. Complete roof systems made of RIB-ROOF profiles offer excellent structural-physical properties as well as good thermal insulation and reliable sound protection. Thanks to the innovative Urbanscape® green roof, the complete system with water-saturated layers only weighs up to 80 kg per square meter. It is capable of storing up to 60 liters of water per square meter. In addition, the vegetation with sedum plants requires only very low maintenance.


Zambelli Holding GmbH