Press Release: Hydraloop and Knauf Insulation Sign Collaboration Agreement

Use water twice for vibrant green walls and roofs

Dubai, September 25th, 2023 – Urbanscape by Knauf Insulation and Hydraloop have signed a collaboration agreement to respond to the rapidly growing demand for sustainable buildings with less energy and water use. Green roofs and walls improve urban air quality, reduce energy costs, manage stormwater, enhance biodiversity, and create attractive spaces, all while mitigating urban heat and supporting mental well-being. Water is a key element for keeping the roofs and walls green. Hydraloop collects the lightly contaminated water produced in a building and cleans it so it can be reused for non-potable purposes. By combining Urbanscape’s and Hydraloop’s technology, we draw closer to a net zero build environment. Urbanscape’s Green Roof System, Green Wall, and Landscaping System technology can reduce water consumption by 60%. Together with Hydraloop technology, the use of potable tap water can be reduced to close to zero %. Together, these technologies contribute to a drastic reduction of water use in the maintenance of green areas, which contributes to carbon absorption and naturally controls the temperature within the built environment.

Sasa Bavec, Managing Director of the Systems Division at Knauf Insulation (left), and Frank Verschoor, COO of Hydraloop International (right)


Frank Verschoor, COO of Hydraloop International, stated, “We receive numerous requests to enhance the advantages of utilizing our technology. By introducing Urbanscape Architecture’s solutions, we are expanding our range of applicable scenarios, making it more accessible for decision-makers to advance their sustainability advantage.”


Sasa Bavec, Managing Director of the Systems Division at Knauf Insulation, explained, “While we already deliver substantial water usage savings, we have noticed that potential buyers still encounter challenges when considering the total cost of ownership. Incorporating Hydraloop’s technology removes a significant barrier to adopting our transformative technology.”


About Hydraloop®

Hydraloop is the world’s first IoT-connected, consumer-friendly water recycling system that reduces total in-house water consumption by 25-45 percent. A Hydraloop device collects and cleans the greywater from showers, baths, washing machines, and optionally hand basins and the condensation water from tumble dryers, heat pumps, and air conditioning. The treated water can be reused for toilet flushing, washing machines, topping up swimming pools, and irrigation of gardens and green roofs. Hydraloop reuse water is clean, safe, and disinfected.

Hydraloop water meets the highest international standards, like the US NSF-350 and European EN16841. Hydraloop increases the value of any building, lowers the running expenses for water and energy, and reduces carbon footprint. Hydraloop future-proofs buildings, adds LEED and BREAAM certification points and is suitable for dense cities, rural areas, and off-grid situations.