Telephone booth Vienna


Type / Project

Urbanscape® Green Roof for telephone booths

Green Roof System used

Urbanscape® Green Roof Standard High (2-layer system)


Urbanscape® Green Roll and Urbanscape® Drainage with buffer 25

Quantity (m²)

7 m²

Main contractor and installer

Agenda Neubau

Completion date

March 2021


A1 / APA Fotoservice Martin Hörmandinger

At Urbanscape® we have always been defined by sustainability and innovation. Our innovative products, concepts and systems can be used in numerous applications – and telephone booths in Vienna are just one of the examples.


Designing a green roof on the telephone booth has been challenging due to the low construction height, which is also slightly inclined.


Urbanscape® Green Roll instead of a conventional green roof substrate.


An extensive green roof on the telephone booths in Vienna has many positive benefits. It brings more green to the district and helps to avoid overheating in summer, ensures greater biodiversity and contributes to a pleasant microclimate. It prevents the sheet metal roofs from heating up in summer and thus counteracts the overheating of buildings nearby. A precultivated mat made of sedum plants, placed over a layer of special rock mineral wool, contributes to climate change adaptation with little technical effort. The curved roofs of the telephone booths designed by Luigi Blau are well suited because excess rainwater can easily run off.


These telephone booths are a pilot attempt to create greenery with a minimum of technology and very low maintenance. We want to allow the green roof to adapt, change and develop. The dispersal of seeds carried on the wind is sure to surprise us with new additional plants too. (Reinhilde Becker, the project initiator)