Sky View Parc NYC


Project name

Sky View Parc, Downtown Flushing, New York City, US


Purple Roof Concept

Products used

Urbanscape® Hydro Blanket



Landscape architect

Moss Gilday Group

Size of green roof

Rooftop amenity spaces: 5,100m2

Parking garage roof: 6,600m2

Located in the main area of Downtown Flushing, this 1,200-unit Sky View Parc offers a new and unique investment opportunity in the heart of New York City. The investor saw the value in aesthetic green, and therefore invested into one of the largest green areas in the NYC. The architect has provided an elegant and spectacular design with an amazing view of Manhattan, together with a health club, spa and lots of garden space and recreational areas for swimming, barbeque and relaxing, with many areas for the residents to enjoy.


Green roofs play an important role in managing stormwater retention and detention during stormwater events in NYC. The investor saw this value, besides the value in aesthetic green, and therefore invested into “the smartest green roof of North America”.


The Purple-Roof concept, used in this project, provides an instantly vegetated roof that utilizes vegetation as a tool to protect the soil and reduces storm water runoff. Purple-Roof successfully retains most of the water and minimizes fine particles and fertilizer runoff. This giant green roof is also providing the community with lower temperatures, reducing the urban heat island and consequently increasing property values.

It is the most visible exterior feature of the new luxury development and a nice symbol of our greener future.