Andel’s Hotel Vienna house


Gree Roof System

Urbanscape® Standard 37L

Quantity (m²)

2500 m²


Union Investment Real Estate GmbH, Hamburg


Friedemann Bau Union GmbH, Berlin


We are pleased to present this special project. A visible roof inside this famous hotel is now featuring a green roof, which has the particularity to be visible from the rooms and the Spa.

The challenge was to offer a green oasis for the hotel guests, in the middle of the capital city, and by this way make the hotel more special.


Urbanscape® as a complete green roof system was installed on the roof. The quick installation and the already green result are for this project the most significant advantages.


Already the day after installation, we could admire this new nice green place, and after a few months, we could observe how the plants grew and how this special place outside became greener.