2nd District Police Station, Bethesda, Maryland


Project Name

2nd District Police Station, Bethesda, Maryland


Montgomery County and StonebridgeCarras Developers


Flex Roofing Membrane and StormCapTM system by Flex


Michael Baker International

Short description

The new 2nd District Police Station in Bethesda, MD is a unique public/private state-of-the-art police station in downtown Bethesda designed to meet LEED® Silver certification requirements. It includes community space as well as a separate, secure entrance for police officers.


Meeting the Montgomery County, MD Green Building and Sustainability Standards and Energy Guidelines.


The high performing, low maintenance, StormCapTM green roof system was selected for its superior water retention-to-weight ratio and excellent stormwater retention capability. The vegetated system features the lightweight Needled Mineral Hydro Blanket by Urbanscape® which acts as a water reservoir to support plant health, and offers reliable stormwater management over the lifespan of the vegetated roof. Capturing up to 2.6″ (1.6 gal/ft2) of rainfall on the rooftop helps prevent stormwater pollution and protect local watersheds.

Before installation

After installation