Our EPD for Urbanscape® Extensive Green Roof System is an Industry Breakthrough

AUG 17, 2018

When it comes to information about the environmental impact of Green Roof System we are at the cutting edge of innovation.

Not only is our Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) process faster, easier and more detailed than ever, but we are now taking EPDs to a whole new level by launching the industry’s first ‘system EPD’ for an Extensive Green Roof System.

The EPD — based on information required for our innovative Green Roof Solution Urbanscape® — is a major breakthrough because it examines the environmental impact of several different components that contribute to a ‘system solution’. Previously EPDs only examined the impact of individual components, not combinations.

Our sustainability teams have also contributed their innovative expertise to the German programme operator IBU (Institut Bauen und Umwelt) in order to draw up the product category rules (PCR) that form the backbone of the new system EPD.

A highly important aspect of the entire process has been ensuring that other manufacturers can use the PCR to verify their own Extensive Green Roof System EPDs.

This EPD breakthrough is also good news for specifiers.

Our Urbanscape EPD can provide additional points in Green Building Rating Systems.

For example in LEED version 4, there is one point if there are 20 EPDs for a complete building from five different manufacturers and in the new April 2016 version of BREEAM there is one point for just five EPDs for a building. For architects / specifiers who now want to achieve EPD points for Extensive Green Roofs our new Urbanscape® System EPD offers the only source of detailed environmental impact information.

Would you like to check the environmental impact of Urbanscape System?


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