Urbanscape celebrates its biggest installation in France

APRIL 18, 2019

We are delighted to announce the unveiling of our biggest Urbanscape® green roof in France — a 8,300m2 installation that will save almost two Olympic-sized swimming pools of storm-water every year.

The giant green roof features vegetation by the Sempergreen Group and is more than 11 times bigger than our previous Urbanscape record holder which covers an area of 700m2.

Julien Remy, our National Director for Green Solutions in France, said that the Urbanscape system will store more than 4,800m3 of rainwater every year — the equivalent of almost two 2,500m3 Olympic swimming pools of water every year.

How to save two Olympic pools of stormwater

Urbanscape’s unique Performance Evaluation Tool (PET) was used to ensure the precise calculation of the roof’s water retention potential. PET analyses complex local weather data, the area’s climate history and the dimensions of the installation to produce reliable final figures. Customers can assess the potential future benefits of an Urbanscape roof in their area and country by clicking here.

“Such a high level of absorption of the new 8,300m2 roof will make a major contribution to the local environment and have a huge impact on cooling the building during summer months as well as reduce heat island effect — where the urban environment is much hotter than surrounding countryside,” Julien said.

Green roofs such as Urbanscape can also contribute to better urban biodiversity and help absorb air pollution, which is good news in the light of this month’s European Commission review of key environmental issues facing France. Top of the country’s challenges are poor air quality “a serious cause for concern with 34,880 premature deaths attributable to fine particulate matter concentrations”; a need to protect natural biodiversity and the mapping of areas at risk of flooding.

From a logistical perspective the 8,300m2 installation was also a major success. The giant area was covered in Urbanscape in just eight days. The work was carried out by seven installers and a crane was not required.

Urbanscape delivers performance whatever the scale

Jure Šumi our Green Solutions’ Business Development Director said: “This installation is an incredible tribute to the hard work and dedication of our team in France. It also demonstrates perfectly that Knauf Insulation can offer great logistics and exceptional quality whatever the scale.”

The new roof has been installed on a commercial building, Retail Park 2, ZAC des Montagnes in the south west commune of Champniers.

Credit for HD images to Pikt’Air

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