PLANER SYMPOSIUM Renovation in building construction: The roof and associated components

Together with our partner Wir Lieben Bau, we are organizing the upcoming Planer Symposium on theme ˝ Renovation in building construction: The roof and associated components˝, where our colleagues Aurélie Nivalle (Specification manager Germany) and Damir Mavrak (Key Account Manager Germany) will be one of the speakers. At the symposium you will gain insights into various aspects of roof renovation, including the advantages of green roofs, the challenges in planning green roofs during renovation and our approach to solving the problem of mineral wool in green roofs.


The symposium will be on Tuesday, 19.03.2024 (10:00-12:15 CET).


This free online event is tailored for architects, engineers, and energy consultants, and registration is necessary. Register now and collect training points at the same time .


More information and registration:

Planer Symposium – Sanierung im Hochbau: Das Dach und zugehörige Bauteile – WirliebenBau


Don’t miss this opportunity to gain valuable insights into the possibilities of green roofs at during renovation!