Participation in Business Hive 2024

Last week, Urbanscape had the opportunity to participate in Business Hive 2024 – an international case-solving competition that welcomed students from various countries and educational backgrounds.


Economists, engineers, mathematicians, IT developers, designers, creative minds, and out-of-the-box thinkers joined forces to solve a real-life business challenge within 72 hours. This unique competition aims to provide companies with innovative ideas and connect them with ambitious students eager to gain experience. This year marked the 13th edition of one of the biggest case-solving competitions in Slovenia!

Our specific challenge revolved around targeting Gen Z and millennial architects. The winning team proposed tailored targeting strategies for Germany and France, focusing on recent graduates, architects, civil engineers, and urbanism enthusiasts. They also suggested implementing green walls in university classrooms and utilizing QR codes to showcase our solutions, among other innovative ideas. The student reception towards our green solutions was overwhelmingly positive, reflecting significant success achieved alongside major corporations.


Overall, the Business Hive competition served as a platform for fostering collaboration, creativity, and practical problem-solving skills among students, while also offering valuable insights and solutions to participating companies.


A big thank you to the organizers, participants, and everyone involved in our Business Hive 2024 case, which was a resounding success!