NEW PRODUCT Urbanscape Green Roof Detention C and online application Urbanscape ProPET

In the EUREKA project, we were engaged in activities related to the development of the product of Green Roofs for advanced storm-water management and the development of a web application. We tested various prototypes of green roofs in nature and in the laboratory, collected data, processed and analyzed them, and in the process also implemented feedback loops in development.

Based on measurements and 3 years of monitoring we are pleased to introduce to you new product, especially suitable for advanced storm-water management – Urbanscape Green Roof Detention C that is availabile in three versions that differ in the drainage layer:

  • Urbanscape Drainage with Buffer Q25-C
  • Urbanscape Drainage with Buffer Q40-C
  • Urbanscape Drainage with Buffer Q60-C

With them it is possible to increase the water reservoir and improve the technical characteristics of systems with storm-water performance. Thus, we can provide the most suitable system for an individual project, microlocation and meet specific stormwater specifications and legislative requirements.

New online application for smart modeling of Urbanscape green roofs for storm-water management has also been developed during EUREKA project – Urbanscape ProPET.

The online modelling application allows you to model and adapt Urbanscape Green Roof Systems according to storm-water management requirements, such as the type of storm for the selected location, and project specifics, such as maximum outflow, thus ensuring optimal detention and rainwater runoff from Urbanscape Green Roofs in extreme conditions.

modelling application: Project Eureka SWDGR (


The investment was co-financed by the Republic of Slovenia and the European Union from the European Fund for Regional Development.

Project coordinator: Knauf Insulation d.o.o.

Partner on the project: Sempergreen Group