Urbanscape Middle East

Knauf GCC and Urbanscape® Green Solutions collaborating to support sustainable urban development and to set the highest standards of green infrastructure in the Middle East region

At Knauf, we are committed to a high standard of sustainability and environmental responsibility. We are constantly trying to find new ways to drive change and to strive for and drive sustainability in all our products and systems; and with our Urbanscape® Green Solutions, that are specifically designed to support the efforts of governments, companies and individuals in creation of a greener and better world for all, we advocate and promote the introduction of green infrastructure in urban planning all over the globe.

We are therefore very happy to announce that Knauf GCC is joining our efforts to support sustainable urban development and the implementation of more green infrastructure projects in the Middle East region. Consequently, Knauf GCC and Urbanscape® Green Solutions are now jointly promoting the Urbanscape® Green Infrastructure Solutions in the Middle East region.

The first training have already taken place and we are all ready to accelerate the sustainable development efforts in the region. On this occasion, Director of Knauf GCC Mr. Amer Bin Ahmed would like to thank Dr. Sasa Bavec (Member of the Knauf Insulation EMEA Executive Committee) and Urbanscape® team for the recent training of the local Knauf UAE team and at the same time welcome them to the region.

Urbanscape Middle East

About Urbanscape® Green Solutions

Urbanscape® is the blanket term for a range of new, innovative and easy-to-use products, concepts and systems with high water-retention capacity, designed specifically for setting up green roofs and green walls, to develop landscaping areas (residential gardens, golf courses, commercial spaces and parks) and to support re-forestation efforts.

Studies have consistently confirmed that implementation of green infrastructure provides significant advantages in just about any climate. They have scientifically confirmed the capacity of green roofs and walls to intercept both smog and solar radiation and work to facilitate cooling, observing significant differences in surface temperatures. Green infrastructure can also improve the natural conditions needed to establish and sustain thriving pollinator habitats in urban and industrial areas.

We are not new in the Middle East – the most impressive reference projects in the region include the Dubai Opera House, Mudon Park Dubai, and the iconic green wall on Slovenian Pavilion at Expo 2020.

Urbanscape in Dubai

For more information on our projects, solutions, products or live demo sessions, get in touch with the dynamic local team Douglas Wade [email protected] and Julija Gruden [email protected]  or visit our website https://www.urbanscape-architecture.com/.

You are also especially warmly invited to join us at Expo 2020 in Dubai during our “Living with a green heart” weeks (between 16– 22.1.2022 and 30.1–5.2.2022) when a group of like-minded companies will, together with Expo visitors, explore how sustainable solutions and social sustainability actions (especially those focused on people’s well-being) can lead to a better world for all of us (you can register here now).