FEB 25, 2019

Last week we were honored with the visit of the INNOGROW group in connection with Biotechnical Faculty of University of Ljubljana (Aleš Kuhar, PhD) and BSC Kranj (Business Support Center Kranj, responsible for regional support for entrepreneurial economic development of Gorenjska region).

Group of 50 people, working on the INNOGROW project, visited our Experience Center in Škofja Loka and were introduced with presentations of Urbanscape® Green solutions and KI Experience Center stories.

EU’s project INNOGROW is supporting engagement of rural economy SMEs in innovations. Their policies are supporting the diffusion of innovative solutions and new business models that will lead to increase of the productivity and to access some new markets.

INNOGROW brings together 9 partners from 8 European countries and involve managing authorities, regional bodies influencing regional and national policy instruments, exchange experience and practices and improve their capacity in implementing policies that promote the adoption of technology and business model innovations.

Barbara Hafner welcomed visitors and presented our new Experience center, which is a unique demonstration of different advanced sustainable insulation solutions in construction, including Green infrastructure solutions. KIEXC was awarded the Platinum DGNB Certificate at the BAU exhibition in Munich in January 2019.

Professional on Green solutions, Jure Šumi, presented visitors Urbanscape solutions for Green roofs, landscaping, city farming, horticulture and home gardening and showed some Urbanscape reference projects in NY, Dubai, Sweden, Germany, Spain…

After presentations, Urbanscape Green solutions used in horticulture and home gardening was presented to visitors, which were interesting attraction and useful solutions for the INNOGROW group.

For the end of event, the INNOGROW group was delighted with the sunny view from the Urbanscape® Green roof on KIEXC.

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