Global Insulation Product of the Year – Urbanscape Green Roll

Our Urbanscape Green Roll mineral wool growing substrate won Global Insulation Product of the Year at the Global Insulation Awards in Chicago, USA!

We are very happy with this recognition from the industry, which confirms our innovation, commitment to sustainability and gives us the impetus to continue developing and perfecting our products and raising awareness among the community about the importance of returning back to nature and greening our planet, especially the urban environment.

What is Urbanscape Green Roll?


 Urbanscape Green Roll is specially developed for green roofs. Made of long rock mineral wool fibres specially needled to form a compact and dimensionally stable felt, it ensures excellent water retention and conservation in green roofs and is a good growing medium made from various mineral mixtures. Due to excellent water retention and conservation, sedum vegetated green roof designed by Urbanscape can be up to six times lighter than traditional green roof systems. This lightness means most buildings have a comfortable load-bearing capacity that is sufficient, and architects can even plan green roofs where it had not been possible before, such as on lightweight metal constructions. They can also be much thinner without compromising the performance, as Urbanscape® Green Roll growing media can hold up to 3-4 times more water per its volume than other green roof substrates.


Discover more about how Urbanscape’s green roofs, along with the key element Urbanscape Green Roll, have benefited a school in Slovenia in a film produced for us by BBC StoryWorks Commercial Products, commissioned by the World Green Building Council as part of The Spaces That Shape Us series.


Green roof keeping kids cool in Kranj, Slovenia – YouTube

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