Flexipanels A2 awarded with the fire safety certificate A2-s2-d0

We are proud to announce that our living wall system Urbanscape® Green wall vegetated by Sempergreen consists of Sempergreen Flexipanels A2, which has been awarded the fire safety certificate A2-s2-d0. This fire class is often mandatory in high-rise projects. This makes our green wall the first living wall system in the market to meet these very strict fire safety requirements.

Download the certificate here

Innovative Flexipanel A2 resists fire and heavy wind loads

Our green wall is a modular living wall system built from pre-cultivated Flexipanels. These panels are extremely flexible, making the system also applicable to curved surfaces or corner solutions. In order to meet the strict safety requirements that often apply to high-rise projects, the standard Flexipanel has been further developed into the innovative Flexipanel A2. This new Flexipanel is not only resistant to fire, but also to other extreme conditions, such as heavy wind loads.

Tested for flashover and combustion values

The potential risks posed by fire in high-rise buildings are very high. The building requirements for high-rise projects are therefore extremely strict. In order to obtain the A2-s2-d0 fire safety certificate, Flexipanel A2 has been subjected to the following tests carried out by Fire Safety Expert Efectis. These tests included combustion values and flashovers.

  • Single Burning Item (SBI) test, compliant with EN 13823
    This test determines the heat release, flame spread, smoke development and the formation of burning droplets.
  • Heat of combustion test (calorific bomb), compliant with EN ISO 1716
    A test to determine the maximum burning value.

The tests have shown that according to the European fire classification (EN 13501-1), Flexipanel A2 barely contributes to the development of a fire and cannot cause melting parts, only a slight development of smoke.