Karolinska Hospital


Project Name:

Karolinska Hospital, Stockholm, Sweden


Urbanscape® Premium Air and partly Urbanscape ® Premium High.

Products used:

Urbanscape ® Green Roll

Technical details:

Green Roof System Urbanscape Premium Air and partly Urbanscape
Premium High
Surface cca 20.000 m2 + 6.000 m2
Structure concrete
Type of roof conventional – RMW
Waterproofing synthetic
Inclination 3 %
Height of building 5-20 m


Karolinska University Hospital, situated just a few kilometres from the Swedish capital Stockholm, has 15,800 employees, 1,600 hospital beds and more than 4,400 patient visits per day.

Solution is named URBANSCAPE GREEN ROOF:

Karolinska Hospital installed more than 20,000 m2 of new green roofs. It is one of the first university hospitals in the world, to be certified with LEED gold. Size, characteristics and location of the hospital urged for efficient green roof solution, lightweight green roof, quick and easy installation. Urbascape system is a perfect fit!

The buildings’ energy consumption for electricity, heating and cooling is 110 kWh/m2 per year – less than half of most existing hospitals today. Compared to traditional roofing, green roofs offer urban hospitals a resilient and long-lasting alternative that, over time, can save the institution money and resources (O’Hara et al., 2022).

Green roofs reduce emotional distress, improve mental health, increase physical activity, decrease pain management needs and hospital lengths of stay, and increase both patients’ and staffs’ overall satisfaction (Brassfield, 2022[1]). Green roof is part of healing environment – for patients, visitors, medical staff and nature.

[1] Brassfield, M., 2022. Study: Green roofs on hospitals help patients’ recovery.



We strongly support installations of Sempergreen pre-vegetated sedum blankets as it makes green roofs green and lovely immediately. The first patients were already admitted to this new hospital, so we wanted them to have soothing green fields of blooming sedum plants immediately, not mere brown soil that would have to wait till spring for the seeds to start growing.


Karolinska hospital is located in Sweden. Average monthly temperatures range from -2°C to 18°C, relative humidity up to 87%, and 73-mm rainfall. Urbanscape PET tool enables definition of the optimal system, taking into account the climate characteristics, roof structure, building type and its purpose.

System: Urbanscape Premium Air and Urbanscape Premium High

Product used: Urbanscape Green roll

Before installation

After installation