Workshop: The role of urban green infrastructures in storm water management

The Green Infrastructure Alliance (GIA), with Knauf Insulation being one of its members, is excited to host their very first workshop titled “The role of urban green infrastructures in storm water management” taking place on Wednesday 16 November, 12:00 – 13:30 CET (online).

The workshop aims to present the current challenges of urban areas when it comes to storm water management and showcase how green infrastructure can support cities through practical innovative projects and case studies.

We will also be there, showcasing how mineral wool growing media can help optimizing storm water management properties of green roofs.

View full agenda here: 221116_Agenda for GIA storm water management workshop

Attendance is free and open to all previous registration.

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Meeting ID: 818 7726 5400


This event is aimed at Developers, Architects, Builders, contractors, installers, representatives of local authorities, policy makers, and more broadly anyone interested in the multiple benefits of urban green infrastructures.


The Green Infrastructure Alliance (GIA) was established in 2019 and brings together 6 multinational companies. Each of them has extensive knowledge and experience in designing and developing green infrastructures. Most notable are the green roofs and living walls. They help cities become greener and more resilient to climate change, whilst also improving the wellbeing of the local citizens.

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