Johnson & Johnson Headquarters, New Jersey


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Johnson & Johnson World Headquarters, New Brunswick, New Jersey


Johnson & Johnson


Mark Yanchuk, J&J

Short description

Johnson & Johnson’s World Headquarters has seven vegetated roofs using the StormCapTM vegetated system. State-of-the-art building technology reduces their ecological footprint protecting the environment and natural resources. Johnson & Johnson’s World Headquarters has been awarded the first LEED® Existing Buildings Gold Certification in New Jersey.


To replace existing, failed green roofs on a landmark commercial building with a high performing, low maintenance green roof system that meets LEED® Gold requirements.


The high performing, low maintenance StormCapTM green roof system by Flex was selected for its superior water retention-to-weight ratio and excellent stormwater retention capability. Innovative and easy to install, this green roof system uses quality pre-grown mats, engineered growing medium and high performing base layers such as Urbanscape®’s Needled Mineral Hydro Blanket which has superior water retention characteristics holding 90% of its volume in water. It is easy to install, has 85% foliar coverage upon installation and is low maintenance.

Among the main reasons for the green roof was to reduce the stormwater runoff from the rooftops and protect local watersheds. The vegetated roof also helps increase the lifespan of the roofing membrane and keeps the building and surrounding area, cooler on hot days. Research shows there are additional benefits for the employees and company itself, as views of nature promotes positive levels of well-being among employees and keeps employee performance at optimal levels. The seven vegetated roofs are good for the building, good for the environment and good for the employees and community. Win-win-win.

Before installation

After installation