John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts – “The Reach” expansion


Type / Project

Art Center

Green Roof System used

Project customized green roof assembly which turns into a customized green wall assembly.


Urbanscape Green Roll and Urbanscape Ecose® Technology green wall boards

Quantity (m²)

6300 sqm


Extensive Green Roof which turns into green wall


Geoffrey Valentino – from Edmund D.Hollander Design

Main Contractor



James Myers Roofing


American Hydrotech

Completion date

June 2019 (green roof) / Center opened in October 2019


An extensive green roof which turns into an extensive green wall without compromising the architectural design.


A combination of a lightweight organic growing medium for green roofs LiteTop from American Hydrotech and the Urbanscape Green Roll growing medium made of rock mineral wool fibres from Knauf Insulation has been used for the flat space. At the green-roof-to-green-wall transition this combination has been combined with the Ecose® Technology Green Wall Boards growing medium for green roofs made of rock mineral wool fibres. All growing media have been stabilized and strengthened with GardNet from Hydrotech.

To ensure a long-lasting success of these green swoops before they were installed, a test ‘ramp’ had been created and monitored for months.


A unique design which works without compromising the health of the plants.

Contact person (name, job title, email)

Jure Šumi, Business Development Director,
[email protected]