Hikarigaoka Incineration Plant


Green Roof System used

Growing media: 4cm Urbanscape® Green Roll

Drainage: Urbanscape® Drainmat (20mm)

Urbanscape® Root Membrane

Plants: local grass


Urbanscape® Green Roof System

Technical details

Quantity (m²): 800 m²
Applications: Intensive Green Roof with Premium Urbanscape Green Roll (40mm) and drainage
Architect: Hibiya Amenis
Main Contractor: Hibiya Amenis
Installer: Hibiya Amenis
Completion date: September 2020


Green roof on the top of incineration plant as a part of the Japanese Government’s Clean Authority to move towards a greener society


Knauf Insulation provided Urbanscape Green Roll (40mm) to create a beautiful green roof on the top of the new generation Incineration Plant in Hikarigaoka, Japan. The Plant also features a solar panel installed in the side of the roof on the adjacent floor.


The nature conservation aspects can also be seen on the roof, where Urbanscape Green Solutions Green roof creates a green space to boost biodiversity in this dense urban area. The design will also help rebuild the natural water cycle by capturing additional rainwater. The Green Roof design can also serve as a space for workers’ relaxation.