AMPO Headquarters, Idiazabal


Project name

AMPO facility, Idiazabal, Spain


Urbascape® Green Roof System

Products used

Urbanscape® Green Roll

Technical details

Green Roof System Urbanscape® Premium High Irrigated
Surface 6.800 + 2.800 m2
Structure metal building
Type of roof metal building
Waterproofing TPO
Inclination 2-18 %
Height of building up to 15 m
Type of irrigation drippers

WHY green roofs on industrial facilities

20 years ago, the largest industrial 42.180 m2 green roof project on Ford Motor company’s Rouge factory in Michigan, USA has been made. Years later, at Ford they say that their living roof provides additional insulation for the truck plant, keeping it an estimated 10 degrees warmer in winter and 10 degrees cooler in summer. Energy costs are significantly reduced. The green roof is expected to extend the life of the roof to about twice that of a more conventional roof choice. Green roof manages stormwater on the site, reduces the urban heat effect, improves employees well-being and offers ecosystem services. This implies that green roof makes a good business case while implementing it on large industrial facilities’ rooftops.


This production facility has been facing a challenge of weight restrains which is common on the metal roofs with long spans between the ribs. The traditional green roofs with sufficient storm-water handling capacity (soil based heavy weight system) could not be implemented.



The lightweight Urbanscape green roof system is focusing on good storm-water handling capacity which can capture up to 45 litres of water /m2 but still limiting weight to only 70 kg/m2 which is half of traditional green roofs with similar capacity. The provided system can capture up to 60% of yearly rain water. Additionally, the roof rugged terrain disabled even thick soil layer formation on the 9.600 m2 of a roof structure. Urbascape system is a perfect fit!


The provided system can capture up to 60% of yearly rain water . The extremely good water holding consequently leads to higher evaporation during the summer months. Our performance evaluation study also shows good reduction of the temperature on the roof (more than 20 degrees less in peek summer) as well as lower solar radiation transfer in to the building.


Urbanscape PET tool enables definition of the optimal system, taking into account the climate characteristics, roof structure, building type and its purpose. Our performance evaluation study with PET tool also shows significant reduction of the temperature peaks on the AMPO roof (more than 20 degrees less in summer) as well as lower solar radiation transfer in to the building.

System: Urbanscape Green roof System

Product used: Urbanscape Green roll

Before installation

After installation