Dubai Opera Garden – Burj Khalifa Complex


Project name

Dubai Opera Garden (Utility house) – Burj Khalifa Complex, UAE


Urbanscape® Semi-Intensive Green Roof and Landscaping System

Products used

  • Urbanscape® Green Roll
  • Urbanscape® Green Flocks

Technical details

Green Roof System Urbanscape® Low-weight Green Roof for Arid areas
Surface 3.000 m2
Structure Concrete
Type of roof Concrete
Waterproofing TPO
Inclination 2-5 %
Height of building up to 10 m
Type of irrigation drippers


Dubai is a city of surpluses, known for innovative development and bold architectural solutions. Harsh, all year’ round climate and water shortages are constantly challenging city planners to achieve greenery for residents and visitors’ well-being. Greenery that works.


Located in the Dubai downtown, overlooking one of Dubai landmarks, Dubai Fountain and Burj Khalifa, stands Dubai Opera Garden. This outdoor venue hosts different events, from receptions and gala dinners to outdoor concerts. The location is characterised with hot and dry weather all year round, with thousands of daily visitors around the world and heavy foot trafficking. Surface of 3000 m2 is situated on concrete rooftop structure bellow, which cannot cope with usual heavyweight solutions of thick soil layer. Urbanscape landscaping and green roof system has lowered the weight and at the same time reduced   the irrigation needs for up to 50%. The system was developed together with the local team to utilise the best of the local soil and local plants, while not compromising the structural stability of the project site.


The provided system has lowered the weight of the green roof to less than 150 kg/m2 but at the same time also reducing the irrigation needs for up to 50%. The entire design has been redesigned to actually become a venue place where people can meet and enjoy the views over the Dubai Music Fountain.


Dubai opera is located in United Arab Emirates, which has subtropical desert climate. Temperatures range from 15°C and up to 20 mm of rain per month in cool period, to 42°C and zero rain combined with strong winds in hot period.

System: Urbanscape® Semi-Intensive Green Roof and Landscaping System

Products used: Urbanscape® Green Roll, Urbanscape® Green Flocks

Before installation

After installation